A Miner Problem is now complete and being tested

You can now try out my new game "A Miner Problem" before it is publically released! The page is https://sayeth.itch.io/a-miner-problem and the password is play5e . Please let me know of any errors, broken links, pictures that don't load, or rules that are misapplied. I'll try to fix them before the official release.


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A couple of minor bugs:
1. For the mine cart, if you click on the "fast" or "slow" links more than once, it keeps adding more instances of the text "lever set" to the line.

2. The lava worm is described as a drillbot in one or two places.

3. In the playthrough I did, it said that Frymock was unconscious as he went back through the rift.

Thanks! I'll try to get those fixed when I have some downtime.