Official Launch of My Second Game!

I've finally finished A Miner Problem, a D&D 5e gamebook-style adventure that you play in your browser. It's much longer and more complex than my first game, The Saint's Tomb. There's probably some lingering typos, errors and broken links, so let me know in the comments if you find anything wrong. If you like the game, leave a tip and post a link here on your favorite social media platform.

The game itself is pretty tough. I recommend a martial build that can take some hits. If you find it too difficult, start with 1-2 rerolls (same as inspiration dice or the hero points optional rule from the DMG). If it's too easy, try some of the following challenges:

  • Peace run: Complete the game without directly injuring any opponents.
  • Kill 'em all: Defeat at least 6 different opponents in combat
  • Money Maker: End the game with over 300 gp in coin and gems
  • Completionist: Find all 5 endings and at least 8 different encounters in the woods.


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Love the game but I believe I have some across a bug.

On my second play through I decided I would tell the gnome artificer that I worked for the boss. This got me involved in a fight, which I tried to run away from (Eladrin Monk with Fey Step and 40' of movement).  Not only couldn't I escape, but I also couldn't be killed and got stuck in a loop where he just kept attacking me well after he had removed all my hit points.

Very much an edge case but I thought you should know.