This game is a hybrid of a choose-your-own adventure type computer game and a pen-and-paper roleplaying game. It is compatible with the fifth edition of the most popular roleplaying game in the world (you know the one).  To play this game, you'll need need a 2nd level character  for 5e. You can create one using the free character creation feature at DnD Beyond (opens in new tab), or by using level 2 pre-generated characters. You will need to have this character sheet either printed out or open in a separate browser tab. You start with all the standard equipment for your character class. You will keep track of your character's hit points, spells, and inventory on your character sheet, and keep track of enemies using your own scratch paper. The game will play GM and all enemies.

If you'd like to start at level 1, you can play The Saint's Tomb.

Development log


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There's an issue with the encounter in the hole, where there are no further interactable options after you choose to engage it in combat. The stat block, clickables, and even the battle map do not appear. Otherwise, this was a very enjoyable and immersive adventure, thank you.

Thanks. I had introduced a bug while implementing a suggestion from another tester. I think it should be fixed now.