New game in May!

Thank you for making "The Saint's Tomb" such a success! I'm making progress on a new 5e solo adventure, "A Miner Problem." Inspired by my home state of Kentucky, this game focuses on a mining community, the surrounding mountains, and a dangerous secret within the Obsidian Depths Mine. I've incorporated many of the suggestions for improvement that I received on "The Saint's Tomb": a shop to buy and sell, a tavern to take a long rest, more social interactions, a combat system that tracks HP and distance, some opportunities to work with sidekicks, and a more complex plot for a 2nd level adventurer. In fact, the many additions and improvements have made this game much more difficult to complete.

To thank those who have supported my work, I'll be releasing the first half of this game in May, available only to those who've donated on my page. If you can't or don't want to pay, don't worry - the full game will be available for free, probably in June, but my monetary supporters deserve a bit extra. I hope to have the first half finished soon, so be ready with your 2nd level 5e characters! 

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