The Saint's Tomb featured on Twitch

The Saint's Tomb was recently featured on Majestic Goose Network's show Solo Rolling on Twitch.  Adam had a roller-coaster adventure while trying to defend Saint Ikro's tomb. I make an appearance in the chat. You can find a replay of the playthrough here.  Adam will be playing A Miner Problem on Thurs Oct 28th on the same program, Solo Rolling.  Hope you can watch!


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Yeah thats awesome !! Whenever you want, a Miner Problem translated into Spanish, let me know  =))

Thanks for the offer, but I should let you know that the Spanish translation of The Saint's Tomb isn't hugely popular.  Compared to the English version, which has  almost 70,000 views and 34,000 plays, La Cripta Sagrada has about 1,000 views and almost 400 plays. I love that I'm able to offer it to Spanish-speaking players, but I know that translation is a difficult job and I don't want you to take on a big project with little prospect of reward.  If you're still interested, let me know and we can talk.

All right, yeah, usually with other languages apart from English, numbers are low. I just asked because a person wanted to know if a Spanish version of the Miner Problem was coming. But yeah, it was a lot of work. Thanks!!