Reddit loves "The Saint's Tomb"!

I posted The Saint's Tomb two days ago, hoping that anyone would play the first game I ever wrote. I made a few posts on D&D reddit forums, and went to bed, happy with the positive comments I had gotten so far. The next day, I got over 4,500 upvotes on one post, over 200 comments, and almost 10,000 plays of my little adventure. It's been exciting and a little bit overwhelming. In response to some helpful comments on reddit, I'll be posting an update that changes some things to make the game more accessible and add a few interactions.

I've also started thinking about and planning for my next game. I'll be doing another 5e game, probably for 2nd level, though not exactly a sequel. I think I may do an island treasure hunt, with pirates, natives, axe beaks, and maybe a few dinosaurs. I'm in the early planning stages, though, so don't expect anything soon!

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